Mechanical Simulation: End of Support Schedule

End of Support Schedule

Below is the planned software end of support schedule. This indicates the dates that Mechanical Simulation will stop providing technical support for certain software and Operating Systems. VehicleSim products (BikeSim, CarSim, SuspensionSim and TruckSim) may continue to function with third-party software after the End of Support date, but Mechanical Simulation will no longer offer technical support or guarantee its functionality.

VehicleSim Software

BikeSim 2  December 2019
CarSim 7  December 2019
SuspensionSim 5  December 2019
TruckSim 7 December 2019
CarSim 8 December 2021
TruckSim 8 December 2021
BikeSim 3 December 2021
SuspensionSim 8 December 2021
BikeSim 9 December 2022
CarSim 9 December 2022
SuspensionSim 9 December 2022
TruckSim 9 December 2022
BikeSim 2016 December 2023
CarSim 2016 December 2023
SuspensionSim 2016 December 2023
TruckSim 2016 December 2023
BikeSim 2017 December 2024
CarSim 2017 December 2024
SuspensionSim 2017 December 2024
TruckSim 2017 December 2024
BikeSim 2018 December 2025
CarSim 2018 December 2025
SuspensionSim 2018 December 2025
TruckSim 2018 December 2025

Operating Systems

Windows 7 June 2020
Ubuntu 14.04 December 2020
Windows 8 December 2021
Ubuntu 16.04 December 2021
OpenSUSE 42.3 December 2021
SUSE Enterprise 12 December 2021
*All 32-Bit Windows  December 2022
Red Hat 7.2 December 2022
CentOS December 2022
Red Hat July 2023
Ubuntu 18.04 December 2024
Windows 10 December 2024

Third-Party Products

MATLAB/Simulink 2012a  December 2019
MATLAB/Simulink 2012b  June 2020
ADAS-RP December 2020
MF-Tyre/Swift 6.2 and 7.3 December 2020
MATLAB/Simulink 2013a  December 2020
MATLAB/Simulink 2013b  June 2021
MATLAB/Simulink 2014a  December 2021
MATLAB/Simulink 2014b  June 2022
MATLAB/Simulink 2015a  December 2022
*All 32-Bit Software December 2022
MATLAB/Simulink 2015b  June 2023
MATLAB/Simulink 2016a  December 2023
MATLAB/Simulink 2016b  June 2024
MATLAB/Simulink 2017a  December 2024
MATLAB/Simulink 2017b  June 2025

*Mechanical Simulation is planning to stop shipping 32-bit versions of our solvers. This means that users will not be able to use 32-bit versions of Windows, or 32-bit versions of third-party software like Simulink.

Mechanical Simulation is also planning to discontinue support for older versions of our software. This means we will no longer make these versions available for download and will no longer provide technical support for these versions.

What Is a Key ID?

Your Key ID is used by Mechanical Simulation to determine your license type and maintenance status.  You will be asked for the Key ID when logging into the Users section of the website or when requesting technical support.

Dongle Keys

Your KEY ID is printed on the dongle.


All Users

From the browser (carsim.exe, bikesim.exe, or trucksim.exe) use the Tools->License Settings menu item to bring up a window showing your Key ID and other information.

Click the picture for a full size view of the license settings, including the Key ID.
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