VehicleSim Dynamics Plugin for Unreal Engine

The VehicleSim Dynamics plugin for Unreal Engine allows users to run CarSim and TruckSim math models in an Unreal environment.

Intro video pt 1
This 2-minute video shows how to connect CarSim to Unreal. August 2020.

VehicleSim Dynamics Plugin

The plugin feeds terrain data, including surface friction, from Unreal environment into the VehicleSim math model. It will also provide the math model data to the simulation using code or blueprints. You can modify your vehicle in CarSim or TruckSim and hot reload the results in your environment. Standard output files are generated, so you can view all of the selected variable outputs in the CarSim or TruckSim plotter after a run.

Unreal Engine

The Unreal Engine is a separate download from the Epic Unreal Marketplace. Note that an Epic Games login is required to download the engine.

The Automotive Field Guide

Epic Games has released the Automotive Field Guide, a comprehensive roadmap for integrating Unreal Engine into automotive development.

The Guide details how companies like Toyota and Scania are making use of Mechanical Simulation’s VehicleSim Dynamics Unreal Engine Plugin. Additionally, the guide discusses how CarSim and TruckSim are used for other AV and ADAS applications. View the Automotive Field Guide

Intro video pt 2
This 6-minute video walks through installation and usage of VehicleSim Dynamics Plugin. August 2020.
Intro video pt 2
This 4-minute video demonstrates use of Unreal Engine Blueprints. August 2020.
Intro video pt 2
This 4-minute video demonstrates advanced use of Unreal Engine Blueprints. August 2020.
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