VSV Pro Introduction
This 4-minute video presents some major features of VSV Pro. YouTube.
Holly Oaks ORV Park
This short video shows Holly Oaks ORV Park in VSV Pro. YouTube.
VSV Pro Handling Course
This short video shows a handling course environment in VSV Pro. YouTube.
Baja off-road environment
This short video shows a baja environment with many off-road conditions in VSV Pro. YouTube.

VS Visualizer Pro (VSV Pro)

VS Visualizer Pro (VSV Pro) uses the Epic Unreal Engine to support advanced driving simulators and some ADAS-related simulations where video environments are used with camera sensors. The animations can be viewed during real-time simulation, or offline reading from the same files generated by VehicleSim models that are used with the built-in VS Visualizer tool.

About VSV Pro

VSV Pro has been developed and tested by a team of software engineers and video artists. The team members have background in video games, plus the experience of supporting the detailed and realistic VehicleSim math models. VSV Pro comes with preconfigured vehicles, playback control, the ability to control weather, cloud cover, and time of day.

The 3D ground is defined with the same VS Terrain file format that has been available the past few years as an option for providing 3D shapes converted from standard (FBX) format graphic files, extended to include ground properties that affect tire contact (friction and rolling resistance).

VSV Pro works with third-party software such as Simulink and custom programs, as well as hardware-in the-loop (HIL) platforms such as dSPACE SCALEXIO and Concurrent RT systems.

"... our vehicle dynamics class, a number of our motorsports teams, and our Driving Dynamics Lab are CarSim users. VSV Pro, in addition to its off-line visualization capabilities, offers our students the ability to drive their models using its driving simulator features. The Driving Dynamics Lab is currently building a new Driver-in-the-Loop simulator to use with VSV Pro. The ability to link CarSim, Unreal Engine, Simulink, and high-resolution terrain models in a real-time system offers exciting possibilities." -- Jeffrey P. Chrstos, PhD, Research Scientist, The Ohio State University.

Multiple Environments

The VSV Pro installation includes the Holly Oaks ORV Park, shown in the second video. Three other environments are available in a second download package.

Holly Oaks--The Holly Oaks ORV environment is a sprawling square kilometer off-road park, featuring a web of interconnected trails, obstacles, and challenges. A mixture of extreme inclines, challenging downhill sections, forested trails, off-road tracks, and many other scenarios to uncover. Great care was taken to ensure every detail is as close as possible to the real Holly Oaks ORV Park in Holly, Michigan. Elevation, surface details, foliage, and more were all carefully studied to replicate the experience of driving at Holly Oaks.

Handling Circuit--The Handling Circuit environment is an asphalt racing circuit best suited for agile vehicles that wish to be tested for speed, braking, and steering effectiveness. The 2.33 km loop houses several long straights, quick chicanes, and tight turns to test on-road vehicles.

Baja--The Baja environment is a hybrid off-road racing course that traverses both off-road dirt surfaces as well as paved surfaces through a small desert town. This 1.31 km circuit is a great choice for testing and calibrating off-road vehicles. The recommended pre-bundled vehicle for traversing this somewhat difficult terrain is the baja truck. Other vehicles may find difficulty with the off-road sections unless taken at very low speeds, as they would in real-life.

Vehicle Dynamics Course--The Vehicle Dynamics Course environment is an excellent location to test new vehicle models, or to calibrate peripherals. This open world dynamics environment features a variety of different obstacles and scenarios to engage with. It includes such features as tight turns, intersections, variable mu surfaces, multiple terrain types, and uneven driving surfaces.

Current users may download VSV Pro from the user section of the website.

To find out more about VSV Pro or would like to have an environment built for you, please submit an additional information request.

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