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Next video in this series: 02 - Data Links and Parsfiles

Topics in this Video

0:33 - Set up a new run in CarSim and review database levels of detail

1:10 - View library folder with dataset files associated with the new run

2:20 - Comparison of Echo and End parameter files

3:40 - Terminology: Parameters, Configurable Functions, and State Variables

5:45 - Calculations for ordinary differential equations (ODEs)

7:28 - Degrees of freedom (DOF) of math model

10:12 - Overview of the VS solver DLLs

11:42 - Use of VS Solver DLLs in Simulink

12:30 - Change vehicle type (independent front, solid-axle rear suspensions)


01 - VS Solvers

April 2013. This is part 1 of a video series covering the basics of VehicleSim technology. This first part describes the VS solvers that apply the math models.

VehicleSim Basics

01 - VS Solvers

02 - Data Links and Parsfiles

03 - Configurable Functions

Instructional Series

• CarSim Demo (2015)

• VehicleSim Basics (2013)

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