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Next video in this series: 2 - Advanced Features

Topics in this Video

0:12 - What is CarSim?
0:45 - Analyze Results
1:15 - High-Fidelity System-Level Vehicle Models
1:28 - Measurable Properties: Input Data
2:19 - Tire models
2:40 - Powertrain
3:20 - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Support
3:40 - Database and User Interface
3:58 - Documentation
4:06 - Installation
4:55 - Basic Use of CarSim
5:40 - Echo File
6:05 - Navigation
6:45 - Parameter Files: Parsfiles
7:10 - Run Math Model
7:25 - VS Visualizer: Synchronized Video + Plot

Part 1 of 2: Overview

June 2020. Mechanical Simulation has put together a new two-part video series called Introduction to CarSim. 

This first video shows parts of the software that everyone uses: the vehicle model, the GUI, the and the visualization of result in videos and plots. It shows the installation and basic operation.

Introduction to CarSim

1 - Overview
2 - Advanced Features


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