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Mechanical Simulation is presenting a series of web seminars designed to discuss focused solutions to a variety of vehicle dynamics challenges. These online seminars are the perfect opportunity to learn more about our software from the convenience of your own PC! All you need is an internet connection to watch and a phone line or computer headset to listen to our applications and experts in action, as they present features of the software and respond to your questions. For a more detailed introduction, please sign up for one of our training classes.

The times posted below are given in US Eastern Time (ET).

 10am Wednesday 24 August VehicleSim Electrified Powertrain

This presentation explains powertrain electrification options available in CarSim, TruckSim and BikeSim with an overview of the various options for hybrid and electric powertrain models. This presentation will be given by Yukio Watanabe, Ph.D.

Dr. Watanabe has been developing vehicle dynamics models in the VehicleSim products at Mechanical Simulation over 20 years. Prior to entering Mechanical Simulation, he had been in Doctoral program of Cranfield University in England for 4 years and worked under Professor Robin Sharp. His Ph.D. work involves a variable geometry active suspension system and he used AutoSim (now named VS Lisp) which was invented by Dr. Sayers.

 10am Wednesday 31 August

'Kite Car' - Solar Car Concept Evaluation

The University of Michigan Solar Car Team chose a rather unique design concept to evaluate as a between-seasons exercise in preparation for the 2023 season. While the vehicle has four wheels, the arrangement is not the typical two front, two rear arrangement, but rather a front, rear and two mid wheel arrangement to minimize aero drag.  The geometry earned the concept the 'Kite' car nickname. CarSim was used to evaluate the concept relative to the requirements of the World Solar Car regulations and the internal standards of the team. CarSim's modeling flexibility and augmentation capabilities were used to analyze rollover resistance, directional control performance and braking characteristics. This provides some very interesting glimpses into non-traditional vehicle design to address the very specific mission of powering a vehicle with only the sun. This topic is a result of a design exercise the team used to develop their skills and processes in preparation for the next World Solar Challenge in 2023. This presentation will be given by Bob Nisonger.

After a long history at the University of Michigan and General Motors, Nisonger has achieved his goal of being happily unemployed. One of his diversions and mental exercises is providing vehicle dynamics consultation and CarSim guidance to the University of Michigan Solar Car Team. 

For additional information please contact Sherry Walker at (734) 668-2930, ext. 201 or email Sherry.

Mechanical Simulation reserves the right to change or cancel these web seminars at any time.

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