Mechanical Simulation schedules basic courses for using our software that are open to all customers currently in maintenance. To sign up for a course, please use the link(s) below and register.

If you are interested in a more specialized or advanced training class, at our location or yours, please submit an additional information request.

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What to expect

Unlock the Power of CarSim
Get a comprehensive overview of CarSim's capabilities and learn how this cutting-edge simulation software can elevate your vehicle dynamics analysis.

Hands-On Learning
Our expert instructors will guide you through hands-on exercises, providing you with a practical understanding of CarSim's functionalities.

Virtual Prototyping Mastery
Discover how CarSim enables virtual prototyping, allowing you to test and refine your vehicle designs in a simulated environment.

Optimize Handling and Performance
Gain insights into optimizing vehicle handling, stability, and performance with the advanced features offered by CarSim.

Training Schedule

One of the main advantages of CarSim is that it is so much simpler to use than most people expect. However, you may be able to speed the learning process by attending a training course. Mechanical Simulation is pleased to offer classes at the introductory level. CarSim and TruckSim are very similar in structure, so CarSim training is therefore applicable to using TruckSim.

Tuesday 27 February,
8 am - 12:30 pm EST (UTC-5)

Introduction to CarSim: Part 1
The first session introduces the CarSim user interface, database, post-processor, and vehicle model.

Thursday 29 February,
8 am - 12:30 pm EST (UTC-5)

Introduction to CarSim: Part 2
The second session covers test procedure, driver controls, paths, roads, and if-then event-based simulation control.

Get Ready for an Immersive Learning Experience 

Whether you're looking to enhance your career, deepen your understanding of vehicle dynamics, or simply explore a fascinating field, our Introduction to CarSim training is the perfect opportunity.

For training you will need a computer with CarSim version 2024.0 installed. If you need to download CarSim, instructions will be provided after registration. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to CarSim. No prior experience or knowledge of CarSim is assumed. The themes of vehicle dynamics, visualization, modeling, and connecting with third-party software are explored throughout the course. We will be using Webex for this event. Please visit Webex to confirm you have the latest version of Webex installed.


Please register today! Confirmation of your registration is on a first come first served basis. You will receive confirmation within three-business days.
*Mechanical Simulation may change or cancel these dates at any time.

Cost & Location

Training is free to current users in maintenance.

Mechanical Simulation reserves the right to change course dates and prices at any time without prior notice.

Introduction to CarSim

This course will teach new and prospective CarSim users the basic Graphical User Interface (GUI), CarSim plotter, and animator. Upon completion of this course the user will be able to modify vehicle design, road surfaces and animations as well as assemble models.


Familiarize student with the function of the CarSim simulation            
Demonstrate the uses of the GUI, plotter and animator. Outline
  • Introduction: What is CarSim?
  • Parts of CarSim
  • Viewing Animations and Plots
  • Help and Documentation
  • Parameters
  • 3D Roads
  • Animation Shapes
  • Saving Animations
  • Parsfiles and File Structure
  • Driver Control options
  • Web Resources
  • Events

CarSim Advanced (Custom One Day Course)

Our advanced topics course is arranged on a per customer basis. Please contact your account manager.

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