VehicleSim 2017 User Conference

We are pleased to announce the formal agenda for our 2017 VehicleSim User Conference, which will take place on May 9th at The Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth, Michigan.  Please join us for an engaging series of talks and discussions regarding the state of vehicle simulation and where we aim to take it.

Start Time


Breakfast & Registration
Thomas D. Gillespie, Ph.D, Mechanical Simulation, Welcome & Company Update
Keynote: Kirk T. Steudle, P.E., Michigan Department of Transportation, Future Mobility
Dr. Gabor Orosz, University of Michigan, Mcity and U of M Activities
Networking Break
Makoto Obayashi, Ph.D., Denso IT Laboratory, R&D Group, Motion Planning of an Autonomous Car using Model Predictive Control
Dr. Sandeep Sovani, ANSYS, ANSYS Simplorer-CarSim Collaboration
Ben Duprey, Mechanical Simulation, ADAS and Traffic Scenarios Using CarSim
Bob Simons, Morse Measurements, K&C Technology Developments
David Hall, Mechanical Simulation, SuspensionSim Applications
Phil Morse, Ansible Motion, CarSim with the Ansible Motion DS
Networking Break
Dr. Jeffrey Chrstos, Ohio State University, Driving Simulator Applications
Dr. Michael Hoffmann, Altair, sT Activate and CarSim
Dr. Michael Sayers, Mechanical Simulation, Mechanical Simulation Technology Review and Product Plans
Networking Break
Mechanical Simulation’s PD Team, Developer Panel Discussion
Terry Rhoades, P.E., Mechanical Simulation, Closing Remarks
Reception & Networking

Please visit the following website to register and learn more about the event:

We look forward to seeing you there!

CarSim HIL Technical Paper

A new technical paper has been published showcasing CarSim and dSPACE HIL.
"Real-Time Implementation and Validation for Automated Path Following Lateral Control Using Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation," was written by Adit Joshi.

The paper is available on the SAE website. The abstract is shown below.

Software for autonomous vehicles is highly complex and requires vast amount of vehicle testing to achieve a certain level of confidence in safety, quality and reliability. According to the RAND Corporation, a 100 vehicle fleet running 24 hours a day 365 days a year at a speed of 40 km/hr, would require 17 billion driven kilometers of testing and take 518 years to fully validate the software with 95% confidence such that its failure rate would be 20% better than the current human driver fatality rate [1]. In order to reduce cost and time to accelerate autonomous software development, Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation is used to supplement vehicle testing. For autonomous vehicles, path following controls are an integral part for achieving lateral control. Combining the aforementioned concepts, this paper focuses on a real-time implementation of a path-following lateral controller, developed by Freund and Mayr [2]. The controller is implemented on a powertrain subsystem HIL simulation bench to enable lateral control of the longitudinal controlled HIL setup for automated driving applications. 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid powertrain controllers and actuators were used as the hardware platform for the powertrain subsystem. The simulation of other subsystem plants and controllers was achieved by using a real-time CarSim-Simulink co-simulation environment representative of the 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid through a dSPACE HIL simulator. The objectives of this research were three-fold. The first objective was to implement a real-time version of the path-following lateral controller to add lateral capability to a powertrain-based longitudinal controlled HIL setup. The second objective was to validate the path-following capability of the lateral controller. Lastly, the third objective was to quantitatively understand the real-time behavior and sensitivity of the lateral controller using simulations over varying vehicle inertial and environmental conditions such as speed, payload mass, payload position, surface type/friction, rapid acceleration/deceleration, and crosswinds.



April 19, 2017

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