TruckSim Modularity Web Seminar Next Week

Please join us on Wednesday, October 11th at 10:00am ET for a live web seminar on TruckSim Modularity with Dr. Michael Sayers. Please sign up today.

TruckSim version 2018 features a new architecture of the VS Solvers to support more user-selectable options. New methods for connecting multibody models were developed that maintain the fidelity and computational efficiency of past versions, while supporting the options to install parts of the model at runtime. The result is that version 2018 for TruckSim is reduced to just two Windows vehicle solvers: 32-bit and 64-bit. Each solver includes modules for all types of vehicle combinations comprised of a tractor with multiple trailers, each of which can have multiple suspensions and axles that were supported in previous versions.

Using version 2018 is the same as using prior versions for most activities. The same parameters, state variables, outputs, imports, etc. exist in the new version, with the same keywords, user interface, and datasets. The Echo file is not affected by the modularity.

The differences that will be seen with this release are:

1. Most simulations run faster. The speed improvement is more significant for vehicles with multiple axles and trailers.

2. Differences in simulation results are insignificant. Plots with results from 2018 and 2017 overlaid show no visible differences unless there is considerable zooming. Results typically match to the 3rd or 4th digit.

3. It is now possible to simulate almost any highway heavy truck combination. Although the TruckSim GUI is limited to vehicle combinations with two trailers, version 2018 includes examples showing how trailers and axles can be added as needed to obtain very large configurations.

The web seminar will use TruckSim 2018 Beta (available for download now to users in maintenance) to show more about TruckSim modularity.

Example of complex vehicle combination in modular TruckSim.

Mechanical Simulation at Testing Expo China

Mechanical Simulation was recently represented at Testing Expo China. We were joined by our sales agent in the region, AuTek Automobile Technology.


October 4, 2017

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