The Impact of Aerodynamic Properties on CarSim and TruckSim Simulations

AirShaper and Xitadel CAE Technologies India Private Limited analyzed the effects of aerodynamics on different vehicles. The report focuses on crosswind behavior and fuel consumption. These scenarios were studied by using AirShaper aerodynamic analysis with CarSim and TruckSim vehicle dynamics. 

The partnership of Mechanical Simulation and AirShaper has resulted in engineers quickly being able to obtain accurate aerodynamics data quickly and easily for use with CarSim and TruckSim.

AirShaper is an online cloud solution to analyze and optimize the aerodynamics of cars, trucks or bikes. The fully automated workflow allows users without a background in aerodynamic simulations to upload a 3D model, set up and run simulations. The resulting aerodynamic data can be fed into CarSim and TruckSim.

To learn how to use AirShaper aerodynamics data in CarSim and TruckSim:

Xitadel CAE Technologies India Private Limited is an engineering services firm and the Mechanical Simulation Corporation Sales Agent in India.

For the complete case study report:

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May 13, 2020

End of Support Notification

With the upcoming product release of VehicleSim (BikeSim, CarSim, SuspensionSim and TruckSim) version 2020.1 in June, Mechanical Simulation will no longer provide support for the following:

End of Support in June 2020

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End of Support in December 2020

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MATLAB/Simulink version 2013a

Previously released versions of VehicleSim products will continue to function with third-party software after the End of Support date, but Mechanical Simulation will no longer offer technical support or guarantee its functionality.

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