Mechanical Simulation adds native support for multiple vehicles

With the release of the VehicleSim products version 2020.0, a new library screen adds native support for multiple vehicles.

This screen is used to setup a simulation involving multiple full dynamics vehicles running simultaneously. Each link is made to a Run Control dataset that specifies the properties of the vehicle and its environment.

The simulation must be run from external software, such as Simulink, a wrapper program running under Python, or MATLAB/Simulink.

A standard license allows two simultaneous instances of the vehicle model to run. Additional simultaneous instances can be run using the optional Parallel License feature.

Up to 20 vehicles may be run under Windows or Linux. On some real-time systems, the number of vehicles is limited by the capabilities of the target computer.

Four full dynamics CarSim vehicle models running under Simulink with ADAS sensors.


May 28, 2020

End of Support Notification

With the upcoming product release of VehicleSim (BikeSim, CarSim, SuspensionSim and TruckSim) version 2020.1 in June, Mechanical Simulation will no longer provide support for the following:

End of Support in June 2020

Operating Systems
Windows 7

Third-Party Software
MATLAB/Simulink version 2012b

Additionally, support for the following will end in December with the release of VehicleSim version 2021.0:

End of Support in December 2020

Operating Systems
Ubuntu 14.04

Third-Party Software
MF-Tyre/Swift 6.2 and 7.3
MATLAB/Simulink version 2013a

Previously released versions of VehicleSim products will continue to function with third-party software after the End of Support date, but Mechanical Simulation will no longer offer technical support or guarantee its functionality.

For the complete End of Support timeline, please visit our website.

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