New Virtual Steering Axis Front Suspension Feature in CarSim

Mechanical Simulation is proud to share a video demonstration on using Virtual Steering Axis Front Suspension.

CarSim 2020.1 introduces a new front suspension type called the virtual steering axis. This suspension type is intended to model passenger car independent front suspensions which have a split upper or lower control arm; meaning no fixed kingpin geometry. Rather than separate suspension and steering kinematics input tables, the virtual steering axis uses common 2D tables of jounce and steering rack travel to locate the wheel. This video covers this modeling approach used in CarSim for this suspension type. SuspensionSim is used to demonstrate the concept and kinematics measurement procedure.

To learn more, please watch this 3-minute video demonstration:

To watch more video demonstrations please visit:

A Virtual Steering Axis Front Suspension in SuspensionSim, which is used in the video to generate the 2D tables necessary for CarSim.


August 19, 2020

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