Creating Unreal Simulations

There is a growing need from the automotive and heavy trucking industries to improve simulation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles (AV). In many cases, simulations must provide a highly realistic representation of the scenario as would be viewed by on-board cameras, to evaluate on-board controllers and to support machine learning that can involve hundreds of thousands of simulation conditions. This need has fueled the increased enthusiasm in connecting engineering simulation tools to sophisticated game engines such as Epic's Unreal Engine, which is capable of providing realistic camera views for day and night lighting conditions, rain and snow. For several years, Mechanical Simulation has provided a plugin for Unreal that includes the latest CarSim and TruckSim vehicle modules.

To help users more quickly get up to speed using VehicleSim Dynamics Plugin for Unreal Engine, Mechanical Simulation has created an instructional video series.

To check out the all of the videos in the VehicleSim Dynamics Plugin for Unreal Engine series, please go to:

To watch more video demonstrations, please visit our video page:

The above screenshot is from the CarSim math model running in Unreal within the Mcity environment.


September 3, 2020

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Mechanical Simulation will be closed on Monday, Sepetmber 7, 2020 for Labor Day.

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We have updated our website to better describe the current features in our products. We have added about 90 minutes of new videos on our video page.

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