The Automotive Field Guide

Epic Games has announced the release of the Automotive Field Guide, a comprehensive roadmap for integrating Unreal Engine into automotive development. Automotive manufacturers are integrating Unreal Engine into their development pipelines to address new technology hurdles in the industry.

Coupling engineering quality vehicle dynamics and the holistic, open platform based on game engine technology has provided a powerful tool for problem solving. Mechanical Simulation's CarSim and TruckSim software and Epic Games' Unreal Engine have created an amazing solution for the automotive industry for the development of autonomous vehicle (AV) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Mechanical Simulation's CarSim and TruckSim VehicleSim Dynamics Unreal Engine Plugin helps users create a digital twin to speed up development and accelerate design.

The VehicleSim Dynamics Unreal Engine Plugin now takes advantage of nDisplay. This technology renders Unreal Engine scenes on multiple synchronized display devices - to offload work to many computer nodes in a network instead of relying on only one computer. This means that the render environment can be split up to a virtually limitless number of screens.

The Automotive Field Guide details how companies like Toyota and heavy-vehicle manufacturer Scania are making use of the VehicleSim Dynamics Unreal Engine Plugin. Additionally, the guide discusses how CarSim and TruckSim are used for other AV and ADAS applications.

Download the Automotive Field Guide.

Find out more about the CarSim and TruckSim VehicleSim Dynamics Unreal Engine Plugin.

Four full CarSim vehicle models running in parallel in Unreal using adaptive cruise control.


December 2, 2020

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