Mechanical Simulation Releases CarSim, TruckSim, and BikeSim 2018

ANN ARBOR, Mich., December 19, 2017 - Mechanical Simulation Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the 2018.0 versions of the vehicle dynamics simulation tools CarSim, TruckSim, and BikeSim.

According to Dr. Michael Sayers, CEO and Chief Technology Officer, “In the past decade, the importance of simulating the dynamic behavior of vehicles has grown exponentially and is now an essential part of product development and testing. The range of simulated conditions have expanded from testing basic dynamic behavior of the vehicle to running with built-in controllers in thousands or even millions of simulations to cover ADAS and Autonomous driving scenarios.” Complex simulations now must deal with a complicated ego vehicle operating in a wide range of driving scenarios that may include interactions with pedestrians, traffic vehicles, and challenging environmental conditions.

The 2018 releases for CarSim and TruckSim feature a new architecture in the math models that supports simulation of almost any type of highway vehicle more efficiently, including real-time systems that might include hardware in the loop. Improved suspension and steering system features allow more realistic matching of physical vehicle behavior for a wider range of designs.

Engineers working in ADAS scenarios will appreciate improvements made to the built-in, real-time ADAS sensors and programmable moving objects (vehicles and pedestrians) in all three products. Changes were made to greatly improve the computation speed, maintaining real-time simulation even for complicated scenarios. More detection variables are provided, and control of the moving objects is more advanced. For example, when used to represent vehicles, the moving objects mimic the “offtracking” behavior of large vehicles making low-speed turns at intersections.

The vehicle math models in all three products support multiple road surfaces and paths followed by the simulated vehicle and other moving objects. Besides the existing tools for building paths with straight lines, arcs, spirals, and spline tables, three new tools have been added to make use of existing data. One is Atlas, a web tool hosted by that obtains path and elevation data from mapping services such as Google and HERE. Version 2018 introduces the third generation of Atlas, which now includes elevation data for imported roads. Another new option is a plugin for the ADAS Research Program (RP) and database available from HERE. The third is a new interactive tool called VS Scene Builder that provides a collection of user-interface tiles that are dragged and dropped to rapidly assemble urban, rural, and highway scenes with sophisticated 3D shapes and textures that are ready for animation. Each new scene also has multiple predefined points that can be clicked to generate paths for vehicles and pedestrians.

In support of ADAS camera sensors and driving simulators, the 2018 releases include many animation assets. Existing vehicle shapes for BikeSim, CarSim, and TruckSim have been organized for inclusion in all three products, along with many new shapes of miscellaneous object used to build realistic-looking scenarios.

About Mechanical Simulation Corporation: Mechanical Simulation Corporation is a technology leader in the development and distribution of advanced software used to simulate vehicle performance under a wide variety of conditions. The Ann Arbor, Michigan based company was established in 1996 and provides car, truck and motorcycle simulation packages, training and ongoing support to more than 90 OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, and over 160 universities and government research groups worldwide. For more information, please visit

Simulation in CarSim with parked cars, a truck, a pedestrian, and a bike parade, all in Mcity.


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