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Mechanical Simulation Corporation Introduces Updated TruckSim 6.04

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - The latest version of Mechanical Simulation Corporation’s TruckSim® software offers many new powertrain upgrades, and particularly the ability to handle vehicle applications up to 8 wheel drive (up to six axles). TruckSim 6.04 is currently available from Mechanical Simulation.

TruckSim is software for simulating the dynamic vehicle behavior of heavy-duty vehicles with dual wheels, asymmetric steering systems, multiple axles and single or multiple trailers. This makes it an ideal tool for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to design and develop complex systems like brakes and stability controls for the broad range of vehicle configurations common in the trucking industry. Users consistently report close agreement between TruckSim simulation predictions and actual on-road test results.

“The upgrades to TruckSim have greatly expanded its application to a range of much more complicated vehicle systems, including military vehicles like the Stryker,” said Dr. Thomas Gillespie, Director of Product Planning. “We’ve also added upgrades to the graphical user interface, math models and animator – all of which result in simpler use and additional applications.”

Some of the updates to this version of TruckSim include:

  • Shift duration added to the transmission
  • Limited-slip and yaw-control features added to the front, rear and center differentials
  • Twin-clutch feature added to the front and rear wheel driveshafts
  • Powertrain extended to 6-wheel and 8-wheel drive systems

TruckSim features 12 common vehicle configurations, in two forms each – with rigid sprung masses and with frame torsional flexibility. It runs on Windows® desktop and laptop PCs and offers example trucks and buses that represent most of the vehicles found around the world (including North America, Europe and Japan).

Mechanical Simulation Corporation is a technology leader in the development and distribution of advanced software used throughout the automotive industry to simulate vehicle performance under a wide variety of conditions. Established in 1996, its Ann Arbor, Mich., headquarters provides car, truck and motorcycle simulation packages, training and ongoing support to more than 20 OEMs, over 30 Tier 1 suppliers and more than 60 universities and government research groups worldwide. For more information, visit www.carsim.com.

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