Company Press Releases

Archived press releases:
Nov-11 BikeSim 3.1 Released
Aug-11 CarSim 8.1 Released
Jul-11 Meritor Six DOF Driving Simulator
Jul-11 Driving Simulation at 2011 ESV Conference
Jun-11 Mechanical Simulation New Location
Apr-11 Auto Shanghai 2011 Features CarSim Driving Simulator
Mar-11 CarSim In Argonne National Laboratory's Autonomie
Jun-10 Univ. of Michigan Formula SAE Racing Team 2nd Place
May-10 2010 Beijing Auto Show Features CarSim Driving Simulator
May-10 Gillespie Opens 19th International Colloquium SAE Brazil
May-10 BikeSim 3 Released
Mar-10 CarSim Plug-In for Forum8 UC-win/Road
Jan-10 TruckSim 8.0 is Released
Sep-09 University of Ontario Driving Simulator
Jul-09 CarSim 8.0 is Released
Oct-08 BikeSim 2.0 is Released
Sep-08 TruckSim 7.01 is Released
Jul-08 CarSim 7.1 Released
Mar-08 Newest TruckSim
Jan-08 Toyota Driving Simulator
Jan-08 CarSim 7 Development of Year
Nov-07 Winning Team Uses CarSim
Nov-07 CarSim in Robotic Race
Oct-07 U of Michigan Race Team
Oct-07 U of Windsor Virtual Grand Prix
Aug-07 Our Publications in Chinese
Jun-07 Thomas Gillespie Appointed to National Academy of Sciences
Apr-07 dSPACE RT TruckSim, BikeSim
Apr-07 Updated BikeSim 1.02
Apr-07 Latest in Vehicle Dynamics
Dec-06 Updated TruckSim 6.04
Dec-06 Partnership with ETAS
Oct-06 German Office Established
Aug-06 World-Class Tire Simulation
Aug-06 SuspensionSim Partnership
Jul-06 A Decade of Vehicle Dynamics
Jun-06 Real Time Testing
Dec-05 CarSim 6 Top Product Award
Dec-05 Off-Road Hazards with CarSim
Dec-05 CarSim and Test Track Design
Nov-05 Motion Based Simulators
Dec-04 David Hall, Dev. & Consulting
Dec-04 Michael Sayers, Co-Founder
Dec-04 Thomas Gillespie, Co-Founder