CarSim Sources of Data

Your main interface to CarSim is customized VS Browser, which you use to access and manage an extensive database of vehicle and component properties that are displayed in a graphical content in about 240 screens. The virtual vehicle is assembled from datasets, similar in concept to the way a physical vehicle is assembled from parts and subsystems.

CarSim is provided with example datasets that cover over 10 distinct vehicles types. However, none of the examples provided with CarSim represent specific existing vehicles. They are intended to provide starting points for running simulated tests, with the idea that you will replace datasets for components as the information becomes available. If you work for an OEM, you will probably obtain the data from your company database, built from a combination of design data and measured properties. If you work for a supplier to an OEM, you might obtain the data from your OEM customer.

In addition, there are some privately owned companies that can measure vehicles for you at a reasonable cost. Below are companies that are familiar with the data necessary for our simulations, and they can provide you with information about measuring your vehicle.

Anthony Best Dynamics

AB Dynamics, located in the UK, supplies machines to measure the kinematics and compliance properties of suspensions that are essential to understanding vehicle ride and handling. The machines measure the kinematic characteristics due to suspension and steering system geometries, and compliances due to suspension springs, anti-roll bars, elastomeric bushings and component deflections. A translation program is available to generate parsfiles for direct import into CarSim.


The Calspan Corporation, located in Buffalo, New York, offers services for measurement of tire force and moment properties on a flat-belt tire test machine.

MorseMeasurements, LLC

MorseMeasurements, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, offers suspension K&C measurement services using an ABDynamics Suspension Parameter Measurement Machine (SPMM). They can provide you with suspension kinematic data in a CarSim friendly format.

SEA, Ltd.

SEA, Ltd., located in Columbus, Ohio, provides services for measurement of a vehicle's mass and inertia properties for use in CarSim.

Smithers Scientific Services, Inc.

Smithers Scientific Services, located in Akron, Ohio, provides tire testing services used by leading tire and vehicle manufacturers to enhance design and maximize performance. Smithers performs a complete range of tests and evaluations including tire force and moment, environmental response, life-cycle fatigue, stiffness, and footprint behavior. Smithers uses CarSim and can get you the tire data you need for your simulations.

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